The Hub of Entire HR System

Technology in the form of modern HR System is essential for any size of Organization now. In order to keep your HR System function relevant and valuable; everything starting from Payroll, HRIS, Time Tracking, Leave management, Claim & Reimbursement, Loans & Advance, Employee Self Service, Performance and more to Training should be synchronized.

This is possible using right HR Software i.e. HR Mangtaa for your Business. Get all functions of HR System in one HR Software:

Ease your Payroll Services: Employees attendance and leaves are managed or retrieved easily using the time-tracker facility. Also the HR can modify the leaves of employees; add incentives, overtime and much more. The employee’s salary slip can also be managed in this.

Performance: Every employee can review their performance and get an opportunity to express their outlooks, which in turn becomes easier to discuss about work. This also adds up to their improved performance. Can also set automated reminders for different types of work and much customized.

Claim & Reimbursement: Employees can send travel, communication, general expense, custom and reimbursements requests easily through the dashboard with the click of a button.

Loans & Advances: Employees are granted the facility of applying for a loan online over the network with certain policies. It offers a full range of automatic loan processing capabilities.

The only Viable solution for your HR System is HR Mangtaa.


Manage Your Employee Leave with Automated Leave System

Automated employees leave management system robotize manual HR professionals duty, to free HR staff from performing these core human resources activities. This system offers many features including time-off email, notifications email, time off approval, time off balance records, availability of employee, and up to date information that will help enhance the overview of the organization. Some of the features listed for this system that will improve the efficiency of human resources and employee productivity. This system also integrates holiday and leaves reminder function. To make sure that the leave requests are not missing.

Here are some reasons that promise to use this system:

Fast Access to Leave Data
An employee leave management system gives fast access to correct and proper leave transaction data. It put an end to turn pages of an attendance register, making it a one-step procedure to make decisions about whether to approve or reject the leave applications.

Quick View of Leave Figure
Dashboards and reports provide a panoramic view of all leave information, transactions, and leave adjusts for all colleagues. This helps administrators to see and understand leave patterns and allows them to take effective action in resource planning. Reports and dashboards provide detailed information about leave, where administrators can view the number of employees who are on leave, present, have a holiday etc.

Easy Payroll Process
Integrated leave management system with payroll software give correct information about leave to generate accurate payment slips.

Filters & Permissions
In most cases, you do not need your workers to see the whole organization and its activities, nor will your employees be interested in this information, you can disable the parts you want to see people make access to User roles and assigning them the right part of the system. Numerous employee leave management systems allow users to create, update and delete users and set permissions. In fact, you get at least two levels of users, administrators, and business users.

Payroll Software Can Help Reduce Time-Consuming And Costly Mistakes

Processing payroll is not as simple or as easy as it sounds. The complication of keeping accurate records of hours worked, computing wages, and ensuring that you pay overtime correctly is a time-consuming task. Including factors like medical benefits, time off and retirement funds arrangements may require even small businesses to invest many hours on payroll processing every pay cycle. Employees need to be paid on time and regularly; however, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring that payroll is computed accurately and in a timely manner. An effective payroll software can save you lot of time which in turn can save an organization a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some important advantages of such a software:

Eliminates manual data entry errors
Mistakes in data entry can create payment problems and the misuse of rules. This can be solved by using integrated payroll software. A good solution is to simply invest in payroll software, which can be much more cost effective than employing extra staff to deal with a growing manual process.

Access anywhere anytime
On the off chance that your PC crashes, data may get lost. There is no such issue with cloud-based payroll software. Simply sign-in from another device and continue your task.

Access from different devices
Cloud-based payroll software is designed to be used from any device. It allows you to access it from your desktop, smart phone, laptop, etc, and it also gives you multiple accesses, allowing you to invite your managers or accountant in the payroll software to help oversee it remotely from wherever they are.

Security of your data
In the case of lost or stolen laptop, you can lose all your important payroll information and your financial details could be hacked but cloud-based tools use strong encryption to keep your data safe in the cloud, reducing the possibility of data loss.

Online payroll software can do what traditional products can do, however, with the additional benefits of the cloud, it allows you access from any device from anywhere.

The Role Of HR Is Evolving, Now It’s Time For You Get Evolve

It was not so long ago that the administration of hiring, compensation, and benefits was the center of a human resources framework. With the growing need for companies to create a positive experience for employees to retain the better performers, human resources have to fully integrate with HR Software. HR is now focused on creating a growth environment for employees. HR managers are increasingly responsible for influencing how executives interact with employees and optimizing this interaction to retain employees and ultimately enable business success. Unfortunately, outdated manual processes of human resources can prevent companies to see the real value that HR executives can bring to the table. Here are a number of key strategies that HR leaders can use to expand their business.

Get A Forecast: Move From Analysis To Prediction

A “development situation” may seem qualitative, however, it’s really measurable and therefore this way achievable at scale. HR executives can see through HR Software how to assemble a situation where individuals are constantly advancing their abilities. HR Software can help human resource managers to predict future attrition rates and what key actions for employee development can resolve the negative steady loss. These analyses also figure out prospecting functions before they are empty, identify key motivational factors and plot career paths.

Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce

The workforce is changing generations, and so what employees want from a job and a business. HR managers need to understand how to motivate and recognize employees individually and how to spot the signs when someone feels underrate. The role of HR is to help managers create opportunities to be present and to listen kindly, without permitting the simplicity of technology leads to breakdowns and confusion. By showing the importance of human cooperation, managers build their trust with the worker.

Connecting With A Reason

HR managers must make it a priority to ensure that employees feel equally satisfied with their work. HR professionals have to create an environment in which employees feel their work is important and provides a purpose beyond profitability. It can be done by using HR Solutions and supporting managers on how to talk to employees about their values and how to help translate this meaningful work at the organization.

This HR Solutions builds confidence and gives administrators insight into the best way to recognize employees’ work. It is also essential that the organization values are integrated into everyday life through interviews, comment bases, conversations and promotion within decision-making.

Technology Can Offer Assistance

As you move into this new role as a thought partner and growth promoter, HR Software can allow you to collect and analyze data on people and performance, which will help you spot problems and opportunities. human resources can be a champion in creating an exceptional culture that attracts and helps retain the best talent.

Benefits Of SaaS HR Software

The cloud-based HR software is taking businesses by a storm and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. In addition to the minimal hardware costs and hassle-free, companies that use SaaS HR software invest less in the media. Being simple, the cloud is no longer limited to key players, because small businesses and start-ups can also exploit the potential of cloud technology.

Cost Saving

With SaaS, there is no need to purchase additional hardware or software or have IT staff available to configure and manage. Everything that is required to keep your human resources system safe and running smoothly – data backups of firewall maintenance – is managed by the provider.

Quick Setup

With nothing to buy or install, the startup is much simpler. SaaS HR Software providers can usually give you a link to your own “instance” within hours. SaaS human resource providers can also provide tools and assistance to help with importing data and other configuration activities.

Smooth Accessibility

As SaaS solutions are designed to be used online, employee self-service is built from the start. Most must have a robust workflow based on rules and approval, so HR processes are managed efficiently and confidential data is kept secure.

Time Efficient

Managing and updating the software can be very distracting for you and your IT colleagues. With SaaS, the provider is responsible for the system, including applying the latest updates, so you can focus on what matters most.

Quick Payback

There are no hardware or software requirements and a faster implementation process, reimbursement is almost always faster than for internal or hosted human resources systems. In fact, since SaaS providers often add new features every month, the value you get from your system can increase rather than decrease over time.

Always updated

SaaS providers have automatically introduced new features to all its customers as soon as they are released. Launches are too frequent, as SaaS applications are easier to extend. You never leave an obsolete system.

Expand Quickly

With SaaS, it is easier to upgrade your system to meet your needs. You can add or delete employees or users whenever you want, or deploy the system to new countries. The Infrastructure of your provider is scaled for you.

5 Easy Steps For Choosing HR Software

HR Software Selection is an important decision. This system will increase the efficiency of their managers and administrators in the human resources department, improve employee satisfaction, and control the costs related to managing human resources. The good news is that at the end of this process if you have made the right decision, your HR department will work more efficiently and have more time and resources to assist your employees.

In this blog, I will guide you step by step through the 5 Easy Steps For Choosing the right hr software. Step For Choosing HR software are:

1. Improve Your HR Software Awareness
Before you can figure out what your HR needs are, you should have a basic understanding of the features and functions and you also need to know what types of features the HR software offers. The basic features such software offer are Employee Database module, Payroll module, Time and Attendance module, Training Management module, Recruitment Management module, ESS (Employee self-service), Leave Management module, Claim & Reimbursement module, Loans & Advance Module and Cloud Options.

2. Figure Out Your Business Need
You must figure out your needs first. The more details you put in to what can be considered the most important step in the process of choosing the software, the better. A company can figure out their needs for the HR software are ease of use, the process of hiring, performance survey, new employee onboarding process, history of work and salaries, or the process of termination.

3. Figure Out Budget
Before you spend time on searching for an HR application, you need to figure out how much you can spend on the system. Figure out who will use the software, and speak with each key person of different departments. Including staff training, hiring managers, payroll of staff, group risk management, end-users, and other team members, who need software to perform their work.

4. Decide The HR Software Systems
You should have a demo with the HR software dealer that you are going to evaluate. Evaluate each product and see how they fit your needs. Each provider will show you where their HR software is the strongest. Make sure that in the demo version you see exactly the features you need. You can create a short set of questions for the dealer to provide answers that will help you in buying the system. Because it is unlikely that you can cover all the needs that you have determined.

5. Make the purchase decision
Now you have figured out your needs and have selected the dealer meeting those needs and the price. Now it is time to make a final decision about the purchase based on everything you have done so far.

Web Based SaaS HR Software

SaaS means (Software as a service)

In the past, generally you buy software and install directly to a device, SaaS generally refers to a support-based model, where the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible via the Internet. There are a number of benefits to consumers of this, whether it is people who use the software for private purposes or business.

Benefits Of SaaS:

Quick Implementation

With SaaS, you just need an Internet connection and a browser. While regular software may take weeks or even months to operationalize. SaaS solutions do not require any software to be installed and you can immediately access your software at any time, anywhere from your smartphone, laptop, and from the desktop.

Reduced Costs

One of the benefits of web-based software is cost. The cost of using an online solution can be much lower. In addition, all maintenance responsibilities are managed by the supplier, which makes these solutions attractive to companies that do not want to spend money on infrastructure and employees. One of the advantages of the software is that you can protect your own information.

Backups and Data Recovery

If you are familiar with the traditional software, you know that if you have set up an expensive automated solution, the process of backing up your data every week can be laborious. SaaS solutions eliminate this laborious task, remind an automatic backup without interference and protect the integrity of your data.

Web Based, SaaS HR Software

Online HR services take care of your processes automatically over the internet. You don’t have to invest in costly hardware, software or other items to set-up. Cloud-based SaaS human resources software is an efficient and effective HR solution that helps more effectively manage employees, control costs, and improve overall workforce efficiency, thereby gaining substantial benefits for human resources department.

The cloud is no more a thing for the bigger business only, as being highly budget-friendly. As the cloud revolutionized and driven business by a storm around the world, it is time for startups and small businesses to use this innovative technology to automate, accelerate, and simplify critical activities of the business, especially for human Resources department.