Manage Your Employee Leave with Automated Leave System

Automated employees leave management system robotize manual HR professionals duty, to free HR staff from performing these core human resources activities. This system offers many features including time-off email, notifications email, time off approval, time off balance records, availability of employee, and up to date information that will help enhance the overview of the organization. Some of the features listed for this system that will improve the efficiency of human resources and employee productivity. This system also integrates holiday and leaves reminder function. To make sure that the leave requests are not missing.

Here are some reasons that promise to use this system:

Fast Access to Leave Data
An employee leave management system gives fast access to correct and proper leave transaction data. It put an end to turn pages of an attendance register, making it a one-step procedure to make decisions about whether to approve or reject the leave applications.

Quick View of Leave Figure
Dashboards and reports provide a panoramic view of all leave information, transactions, and leave adjusts for all colleagues. This helps administrators to see and understand leave patterns and allows them to take effective action in resource planning. Reports and dashboards provide detailed information about leave, where administrators can view the number of employees who are on leave, present, have a holiday etc.

Easy Payroll Process
Integrated leave management system with payroll software give correct information about leave to generate accurate payment slips.

Filters & Permissions
In most cases, you do not need your workers to see the whole organization and its activities, nor will your employees be interested in this information, you can disable the parts you want to see people make access to User roles and assigning them the right part of the system. Numerous employee leave management systems allow users to create, update and delete users and set permissions. In fact, you get at least two levels of users, administrators, and business users.


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