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A manual payroll system requires payroll that is processed manually and therefore much slower than an automated procedure. An automated payroll system allows the employer to process payroll through a computerized system. The most obvious advantage of payroll software is that payroll calculations can be completed in a fraction of the time then they do manually. This system can offer much more than the ability to calculate legal deductions – such as national tax and insurance – and maintain cumulative totals. They can also integrate Time Tracking systems that record employee attendance or time worked. In this way, the information on hours worked, either automatically collected by a user or operator, connected to a system.

1. Easy Calculations

Accuracy is required to pay employees the right money they have earned. To avoid the difficulty of manually computing the payroll, you can use a software to automate the process. The withholding tax is calculated for each employee based on data entry in the conditions of detention. This reduces the likelihood of errors in the payroll tax, which can lead to charges from the Corporate tax and the income tax. The process is productive and efficient to save time and money. Your accounting department can create reports and financial documents easily.

2. Easy Forecasting

Payroll system allows you to view and control instantly all payroll expenses. This helps you graph the financial data to help you create a forecast. If you have an idea of your business performance, it will be much easier to choose when you need to employ new workforce for the company. You can make adjustments and calculate salary increases to help you make an assessment of how this will affect your money. It’s easier to know if your decision is good for business.

3. Save Time

It takes extra time and resources for a company to manage payroll manually. But the payroll software helps to accelerate all aspects of the payroll process with a number of automated functions.

4. Safe Backup

As a company, keeping large amounts of data on the payroll can be difficult. You can not store plenty of documents and data manually. However, when using payroll software, it is convenient to save the records to various databases available online. If your computer or system is destroyed, you should always have a backup to recover all your recordings.

5. Cost Effective

By taking control of the payroll through the software rather than hiring another person to keep records, there is great potential to save money … especially once you can use the software quickly and efficiently.

An Online Payroll Software Can Help Solve Most of Your Major Problems


The changeover from paper-based or other static payroll processing to an online payroll system has always been a topic of discussion for management in many organizations. Payroll is one of the most important functions of any business, that no one wants to fiddle with. It is quite easy to make a mistake in the manual payroll process which can be greatly reduced by implementing a cloud-based payroll software for your accounting and human resources team. The payroll software is time saving and easy to use.

Manage Employee’s Salary

The payroll system automatically calculates employee’s salaries, loan, leave details, debt deduction, approved OT, IT TAX, and the advance of the employee for a month and the selected year. The system can also calculate the salary manually of the selected employee in the selected month and year based on the data manually entered by the administrator.

Tracking Employee Absence

Manually following leave and sick days of your employees can be a time-consuming task with room for errors. This can have an impact on the calculation of wages. Having an effective time tracking module in an online payroll system eliminates buddy punching and time-card problems as well.

Departmental Issues

Many companies, especially smaller ones, scrutinise their accounts manually. The manual payroll system usually have a lot of manual interruptions. Errors in entering data can create payment problems and poor performance. This creates an administrative burden for you and your human resources staff. This can be solved using payroll software. In fact, a good initial solution is to simply invest in cloud-based payroll software, which can be much more effective than hiring additional staff to manage the growing manual processes.

Managerial Challenges

Keeping records of wages and information of employees efficiently and accurately is one of the main problems of many organization. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the workflow saving files and documents in one place and creating a constant classification process. Gradual reduction or even the elimination of paper forms and files can be an effective solution. This can be achieved through payroll software that integrates all your human resources and payroll functions.

Full and Final Settlement

The payroll system will automatically calculate outstanding contributions, assets, leaves, loans, and pay all unpaid dues if the employee leaves the company.

Researching and investing in a program that can combine all these features will simplify your overall process, reduce the amount of time spent on tracking and data entry, and even enable your department to become more efficient and profitable.

Benefits of Payroll Software

A business payroll should be done accurately to ensure that the staff receives their pay accordingly. Furthermore, taxes has to be paid on time making the benefits of a business payroll system obvious. The main benefit of an online payroll is the ease of using the software and accuracy. Therefore, it will save the time and money. Business owners can use a business payroll system to pay their staff remotely without having to hire an accountant. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about whether or not they are doing it correctly. The program will calculate the with holdings and ensure that the amount paid to employees are correct. The only thing they have to do is to enter the information correctly.

An online payroll for your business will allow business owners to easily forecast business expenditures. Furthermore, they can also set goals for the business and see real-time income versus expenses when it comes to meeting those goals. They will benefit this during tax time as well since an online payroll system will not only calculate taxes for business owners but they can download the information to a CD or have it emailed to make tax completion easier. The software user do not have to worry about losing the data or system malfunction. The online payroll system keeps the records that they need automatically and it gets backed up in numerous places.

There are even options for storing items online securely eliminating the worry of losing everything in the event of a computer glitch. In conclusion, the use of a business payroll system can make paying employees, forecasting profits versus loses, and paying taxes simple saving business owners both time and money without the need for advanced knowledge. Ultimately, online payroll is accessible from anywhere, reducing the need for an onsite accounting department.

Finding free software can be a tough task. It is also not an ideal solution for most businesses. The ideal software should help companies to easily process employee payrolls. Tracking of tax withholding, vacation time, over time and other benefits are some of the other important features found in most payroll software. When you opt for a free payroll software, most of these features might be lacking and some free software come with pop ups and other product advertisements.

Importance of Payroll Software For Small And Medium Enterprises in India

One of the important functions to manage business is handling the human resource processes. And, among the issues one would encounter about human resource function is handling the payroll. Payroll departments are the backbone of any business and managing these processes efficiently is as important a task as conducting other business operations. A manual payroll system is a hectic task; a company with few people can maintain a manual payroll process, however, it is a time consuming task and frustrating to try and run an HR or payroll shop with a mismatched puzzle of spreadsheets and it only gets more complex as your company grows.

Payroll administration is a burden to small companies and at the same time a very crucial activity which is repeated every month involving complexities related to calculations, deductions and statutory regulations. While many companies may go with processing the employee payroll side manually, this is not achievable amidst growing business. A robust and cost effective business payroll software is a must to handle payroll processes in order simplify the task and to capitalize on the efficiency in the long run of the business.

Small businesses are often too small to justify the cost of employing their own HR department. In these cases the responsibility of payroll administration can fall on anyone, from the managing director to administrative assistant. While they can go with handling the payroll manually, but this is not just right way and a payroll solution early in the business lifecycle help save both time and money.

Payroll processing is an error prone activity – If organizations have just one or two employees it may seem relatively easy to compute salaries outstanding, taxes etc, but as small business starts adding employees they find spending more and more time in computation of salaries including variable pay. Errors are common in the full and final settlement and increases when employees join in the middle of a term as the processes are manual. Ultimately, businesses may find that without the right program, business cannot grow as quickly as planned.

A payroll solution software or program could make small and medium enterprises improve the overall operational efficiency. It helps in Computing salaries including statutory computation of PF and ESI, Reimbursements as per CTC norms, maintaining employee master details and correspondence in respect to letters, emails and documents in an organized manner, Keep track of Employee leave taken and loan availed.

The second reason to consider this type of payroll software is that it makes meeting any tax obligations much simpler. Calculation of Income tax is another routine and pain staking activity that needs to conform to government regulations and norms. A good software package can help to automate this activity for greater efficiency and accuracy.

For a small and medium enterprise, investment in software to automate processes is crucial in terms of cost and benefits. That’s why it is important to choose a solution which is easy to use, customization to the specific business situations, scalable and robust with tools for making software meet the needs of growing business. Essentially, it should help to streamline the entire process, making the task of processing payroll less time-consuming and error free.

When we take it in Indian scenario regarding software vendors for payroll software, we can find two kinds of vendors. First one is very small companies providing payroll software and second one established big software players.

While deciding on payroll software buying we need to keep in mind:

  1. Compliance with tax rules and regulation
  2. After Sales support
  3. Software upgrade support
  4. Customization as per organizations need

Key Advantages of Using Payroll Software

Many companies are realizing the advantages in utilizing effective payroll software; it is efficient, accurate and provides good value-for-money. However there are also a range of benefits that venture beyond that, such as time recording.

Payroll systems can incorporate time sheets, making hard copies a thing of the past. Hard copies can be unreliable, easily lost and are sometimes forgotten by employees. Payroll software can provide an efficient payroll solution in recording the time and attendance records of each individual staff member; which are then transferred into an automated payroll system, meaning they are paid accurately and on time each week, fortnight or month.

The reporting functionality of payroll software also deserves a mention, as it can provide an in-depth analysis of each employee; such as the costs of keeping them on, and their contribution in terms of hours to the company. It helps to justify having the staff member, and also helps to monitor the productivity of the company as a whole.

Additionally, keeping other personal data for each employee – such as their holiday allowance and how much they have taken, as well as sick days – is vital to a business. Payroll software can do this for you with ease, providing automated, individual reports for each staff member. This allows you to keep track of their sick leave, and be sure that no employee accidentally books any leave over their allocated time.

Lastly, the forecasting functions of payroll software can allow you to predict future spend on staff; allowing you to budget more effectively. It can also help you to ascertain how much more investment you would need in order to take on more employees, or how the company would benefit if it let go of a staff member. This sort of forecasting is invaluable, and makes the ROI on payroll software all that much more significant.

Payroll Software A Complete Solution For Small Business Company

Payroll software is a quick and just approach to deal with organization’s payroll. At the point when comes to disseminate compensation and keep up exact records of pay and livens, software payroll assumes an essential part. All you have to download this into PC and utilize it at whatever point advantageous in time.

It is well said “Any organization with no less than one other employee ought to consider worker payroll software. Be that as it may, numerous software programs and bundles are hard to utilize. In this way, you have to consider simple payroll software to make your life as an entrepreneur less demanding.”

Today when computer is demonstrating its value in each field including mechanical, outline, instruction, restorative and so on then even a little company needs to exploit this enchantment machine and make its work speedier than at any other time. There are not very many individuals, who are capable in PC working even utilize those projects that are not easy to understand, a great many people just has little learning about PCs is as yet finding bits of data consistently. That is the reason individuals get a kick out of the chance to utilize programming programs that are less complex to utilize and if there should arise an occurrence of organization payroll software is one of good illustration accessible today.

It has been seen that these days organizations comprehend the estimation of software for payroll however a hefty portion of them purchase shabby or moderate programming since a large portion of are costly. This prompts to trade off with quality work yet not for each situation. For instance if a little payroll software company is putting forth its item in modest costs, which is all around verified its execution in many organizations so it is very decent to simply ahead and purchase that one however it is fitting not to fall in false notices and maintain a strategic distance from to pick modest programming which are obscure and no quality evidence.

How about we take a voyage through a few tips and counsel when finding for impeccable payroll software.

Is your organization truly in need payroll software?

On the off chance that yes, then you choose on the off chance that you need to purchase payroll software or simply employ a payroll service to carry out the occupation. The upside of employing a payroll administration is you, simply pay the administration and they will be the one to deal with your payroll, and the disservice is that you don’t get the opportunity to screen it.

The benefit of owning your own software payroll and giving representatives a chance to do the payroll is you can spare some cash and in the meantime you can screen what is going around in payroll work. The main disservice will be in the event that you have purchased the wrong software.

How about we simply ahead and see what sort of software you require in your organization. When you definitely know then that is the time you’ll look or ask your companions who has a similar business you. Simply approach in the event that they utilize it for their company and what is the product. Additionally get some information about it.

When you are in position that you have assembled a few proposals then proceed for that specific programming on the web, if there’s a trial form the attempt it before taking your ultimate conclusion. It is critical here to peruse client audits or client’s input, by experimenting with a trial adaptation and by perusing criticism you’ll additionally learn if that product is easy to use. When you purchase software, purchase the easy to use ones so that you and your employee won’t experience considerable difficulties out how it functions.

In the event that you need to redo your payroll software for small business it should likewise be possible. Keeping in mind the end goal to meet the particular necessities of organizations have created various types of payroll software; pick the one that fits you great. Other software that tumbles to this class are accounting software and inventory software.

HR & Payroll Software Reduces Errors And Pressure

Payroll Careers

Need is the mother of all innovations and relevantly it suits to the HRM and payroll software which is presently turned out to be a vital piece of the human resource division of an association. It has helped in the diminished of paper to a vast degree in the HR departments of associations. The HRM software in this manner helps the administration to spare a great deal of time, assets and additionally, it conveys precision to the HRM domain.

The detectable variable with the simple to-utilize HRM software is that it gives a huge organization information at one place and when required one can get to it inside no time.

There is no hesitation to the regale of the human resource management software as it reduces a ton of workload from an association’s administration. It helps the administration to get their attention on the center issues which are more vital to its development like promoting and business improvement. The mechanized framework causes the HRM to cut the weight of blunders with the computerized HR process.

The HRM software as we have talked above aides in the enrollment procedure, workers examination, keeping up a tremendous information base of the representatives perfectly which couldn’t have been conceivable with the human endeavors – potential outcomes of mistake and time utilization, yet now it should be possible with the payroll software faultlessly and inside the stipulated time. The new age and present day payroll software, at last, lessens the mistake edge to almost nil and attach up the entire HR operation. This HRM software has at last sidelined the old routine of keeping up an expensive cabinet of documents and the preparing which required a considerable measure of human effort.

The greater question is how HRM software helps the representatives and consequently, manager receives the rewards from the same? The human resource management software not just helps the HR executives in diminish their work stack however it additionally helps the general employees. Prior the general employees needed to go way to way to drop a leave application however now the self-benefit module of the HRM software empowers them to leave their applications online without heading off to the HR department. They can check their application status on the web. Not simply in the event of leave application but rather they can likewise submit other sundry applications like leeway of travel remittances and different things without running by and by to the HR person of the association. The payroll software has for sure has helped the associations in giving better roads and working conditions in their in-house operations.

The payroll software system makes it feasible for the HR team to animate the compensation dispensing process, create pay slips with legitimate separations, support of the record without mistake, and other related undertakings effortlessly. The human resource management software is really a program based form which does not require establishment on every arrangement of the association; it can be effortlessly worked and requires no extraordinary preparing.

With time and taking a gander at the present situation of the workplace of associations, it turns out to be practically fundamental for the human resource management to utilize the HRM and Payroll software as it helps the business in keeping up and overseeing assets proficiently.